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Alright, everyone... From one of your co-founders, :iconalexis69: , I would like to remind you all that this is an ORIGINAL character cosplay group. Let me say that again: ORIGINAL character cosplay group. We do NOT accept cosplay photographs from any other fandom, be it anime/manga, television/movies, music, books, or any other material in which the character you are portraying is not your own. If you have any questions about what an original character(otherwise known as OC) is, please, just ask. One of us will be more than happy and willing to help you understand what an original character is.

I am disappointed that this has been so unclear to some of you. I have been forced to reject some very good cosplay photos simply because they were not original characters. If you do not like this rule, then I apologize. We are an ORIGINAL character cosplay group. Not just a cosplay group where you can submit any cosplay you've ever done. If you're still unhappy about this rule, feel free to not submit or simply leave the group.

Please understand that I'm not saying this to be mean, I simply have no time nor will to deal with ignorance. I don't know if people just haven't read the rules, or what, but I've been seeing more and more submissions that are not original characters. Besides, you must be truly ignorant to not understand what this group's name means.

One more time: ORIGINAL CHARACTER COSPLAY SUBMISSIONS ONLY. All other submissions will be denied. And, please, remember photo quality(such as grainy photos, blurriness, etc) and clean. Mature submissions are allowed. Nudity must be done tastefully, not just be blatant pornography and will be left up to the moderators discretion as to whether or not it appears in the gallery.

Last time: ORIGINAL CHARACTER COSPLAY SUBMISSIONS ONLY. All other character cosplay submissions will be denied.
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Please note that this is only for ORIGINAL CHARACTER Cosplayers. Only Original Character cosplay will be permitted in the gallery! Cosplay includes canon costumes, theme costumes, original costumes designed for the original characters, and 'no costumes' aka nudity if the subjects in question are identifiably. (Nudity MUST be tasteful and not blatantly pornographic.)

To join the group you need to do the following:

1) Add this group to your :+devwatch:
2) Click 'Join Group'

If you are having trouble, please send a note.

Content: We are looking to be a showcase group, not a group where *anything* is permitted. Send us your best. Send us what makes you proud! :)

All levels of cosplay and types of cosplayers are accepted. If you love the characters and have made the effort, we want to showcase you. We understand that there is a difference between beginners and advanced cosplayers, but we also think there is a clear difference between those who try, and those who don't. And you guys know who you are. We want to disprove that Original Character is not a worthy cosplay. Help us do that :)

What we will accept:

--Photo shoots & portrait shots of OC characters together or solo.

--Convention images (Preferably ones that are shot well.)

--WIP pictures of OC costumes you are working on--ESPECIALLY IF THE COSTUMES ARE HAND-CONSTRUCTED. Please use consideration when submitting your progress pictures.

--Mature content: Tastefully done mature content photos are acceptable. Images depicting nudity, crossdressing, yaoi and het relationships, violence and gore will be posted at the moderators' discretion. Mature content must be labeled according to DA's rules. Images that are not in accordance with the above will be declined/removed.

--Pictures should be clear and well presented. No blurry cell phone images people.

What we won't accept:

--Other fandoms.

--Poor quality submissions that are obviously blurry, badly lit, and lazy. If it sounds harsh, again, we're trying to showcase your good stuff and not accept just anything. We may decline such works. However if you put the effort in, we want to post it :)

--Offensive images. Moderators will determine whether an image is offensive based on content and portrayal. If you are uncertain whether your image may be offensive, please send us a note to ask.

Submitting Work:

--Hit the Submit Art button. Moderators will sort featured work into their proper gallery folders ^^


DO NOT STEAL ART WORK!!! Cannot stress this enough. ANYONE caught trying to pass off someone else's images as their own Will BE BANNED AND REPORTED TO DA. End of story


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CottonSyrup333 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Would OCs include fantrolls?
Skysune Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2016
So in other words it's your very own character that your dressing up as from whatever fandom you want.

So let's say I have an undertale oc. I dress up as that of and not like chara or something right?
glee24 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello everybody Now that i got your full atention, i'd like to ask for a favor... So i have recently created a Creepypasta OC, Her name is pyromaniac Enya. The thing is, i would REALLY like to cosplay her, but i don't have the money, the time, and i look nothing like her! (plus i am chubby!)
So i was wondering if there is anyone out here who would be interested on doing me a favour and cosplaying my OC for me, taking a couple of Creepy pictures and help me show other people ho she is suppsoed to look in real life, since i only have drawings of her ''til now! 

(2 Replies)
Just-B-Cos79 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, All!! Hoping to help the OC Cosplay community bring their original vision to life - More on Just-B-Cos79 - THANKS - And hope to hear from you soon...
Sugary-Cakes Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Student General Artist
can it be a sonic oc cosplay?I'm working on the costume now.
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Numbuh5335 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I have been to a convection be4 but I am shy as batha when I want the guts to costplay plz help 
Young-Sparrow Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
Hello all original character creators! For those of you who love fantasy and fantasy costumes, please join my group! I would love to have people submit their pictures!! 
Young-Sparrow Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
I've been looking for this group all my life. ^u^
SiguusaEcho Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the fact that there's a group for OC cosplays.
ShionHibari Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for letting me join!
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